Pastor Don Willeman shares his vision for growth in New England. (6:46)


We believe the gospel causes all people to flourish.


Flourish New England Vision
Christ Redeemer Church is currently in the planning stages of constructing a new building on Greensboro Road in Hanover, New Hampshire.
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  • “What’s happening in New London right now is really exciting. We’re seeing the church growing in depth and growing in number. We’re seeing new folks coming through the door regularly and we’re praying and eager to continue to grow and thrive as a church.”

    -Doug Cooper, Pastoral Resident & Lead Pastor for Christ Restoration Church
  • “I want to thank this congregation for how you welcome students… Without this church, I don’t think I would have made it through the craziness that is college. This church has definitely been my anchor… I kept coming back [each week] because of the presentation of the gospel…I am grateful for the way that the gospel is presented in such an honest way, knowing that the gospel has it’s own power.”

    -Calin Mason, Dartmouth 2018
  • “Being here in New Hampshire has been a very great time for both of us to see how the gospel is lived out. It’s really something that you cannot learn from books, it’s something you grasp… This lifestyle of pastor and teacher who is driven by the gospel has just been amazing and helpful for us. It starts to shape us so that when we go back home, we can serve our community.”

    -Dainis & Liene Panders, CRC International Fellows (Latvia)
  • “For us, our time here has been a tremendous blessing, spiritually refreshing and transformative in many ways. We have come to appreciate and treasure the fact that the gospel of Christ is preached every Sunday… We are thankful for the number of opportunities to grow, to grow in the common sharing of the gospel in small group meetings, book studies, during Summer Celebration Camp and conversations during Community Service Day, dinner with friends, etc.”

    -HP & Maike Ritzer, CRC International Interns (Germany)
  • “Through CRC, I’ve been blessed with many friendships where the gospel is at the center. Not only have I personally grown in the gospel and my relationship with God, but during the good times and even the more challenging times, I have love and support from the women around me… When you build relationships with others with the gospel at the center, you end up joyfully serving and loving one another in an unexpected way.”

    -Erin Audino, CRC Member
  • “The CRC community really taught me what church is all about. It showed me that church is not just a time for teaching, or for worship, or for social activities. The church is people of all walks of life, serving one another, loving one another and welcoming in outsiders like myself, all for the glory of our Lord.”

    -Zach Schmidt, Dartmouth 2015