Greensboro Road Project

We have long prayed for a permanent home in the very center of the Upper Valley.

This Greensboro Road property is just one mile from Dartmouth College, one mile from Dartmouth Hitchcock, and one mile from other major employers who are culture shapers here and around the world.

We believe that this movement to establish a church home will not only facilitate our worship and mission, but also by its permanent presence will speak to our friends and neighbors of our commitment to serve and belong in this community. Moreover, this home will function as a “hub church” to house, train, and send more transformational leaders and pastors, not only to other New England towns, but also around the globe.

“We’ve done a beautiful job of transforming a high school every Sunday to be church, but it will be nothing like having a church that stands representative of all that God is doing, and has done, and will continue to do in this place.”

~Dori Willeman, co-founder of CRC; women’s and college ministry leader

Below you will find photos of some portions of the property, which also includes four dwellings. More information about the project can be found on the following pages: