Here a few voices reflecting on the the work of the gospel through Christ Redeemer Church.

“CRC’s unique blend of gospel-centered ministry in a diverse Ivy League academic context has created a truly exceptional community to explore questions of faith and grow as a Christian in today’s world. Embracing the intellectual life, promoting sacrificial and joyful service, and cultivating a deep sense of belonging to one another, CRC embodies what we all hope for—a family that embraces, challenges, and inspires as we grow in the knowledge of God’s amazing grace in Christ…CRC plays an indispensible role in this Ivy League community.”

~Andrew Schuman, Dartmouth 2010, former CRC Pastoral Intern Founder of The Dartmouth Apologia: Journal of Christian Thought and Executive Director of The Veritas Forum

“At CRC I began, arguably for the first time, to ‘get the gospel’. The gospel is more profound than behavior modification and more secure than trying to justify myself by pointing back to an authentic instance of accepting Christ into my heart… The gospel is something I will continue to need reminding of… I am thankful for the gospel-centeredness of CRC.


As I head back to New York, I won’t likely find a church body just like [CRC]… That means that I, along with others leaving the Upper Valley this year, have the responsibility of taking the same gospel-centered, thoughtful, servant-heartedness to whichever congregation we attend.”

~Kiel Telesford, Ph.D, Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College 2015

“Through CRC, I’ve been blessed with many friendships where the gospel is at the center. Not only have I personally grown in the gospel and my relationship with God, but during the good times and even the more challenging times, I have love and support from the women around me… When you build relationships with others with the gospel at the center, you end up joyfully serving and loving one another in an unexpected way.”

~Erin Audino, CRC Member

“I want to thank this congregation for how you welcome students… Without this church, I don’t think I would have made it through the craziness that is college. This church has definitely been my anchor…I kept coming back [each week] because of the presentation of the gospel… I am grateful for the way that the gospel is presented in such an honest way, knowing that the gospel has it’s own power.”

~Calin Mason, Dartmouth 2018

“In Germany, we live in a post-Christendom society where… the Bible and gospel are mostly unknown, sometimes unheard of… Coming back to the Upper Valley and to CRC…has meant finding green spiritual pastures to feed on… Our time here has been a tremendous blessing, spiritually refreshing and transformative in many ways. We have come to appreciate and treasure the fact that the gospel of Christ is preached every Sunday… We are thankful for the number of opportunities to grow, to grow in the common sharing of the gospel in small group meetings, book studies, during Summer Celebration Camp and conversations during Community Service Day, dinner with friends, etc.…I do not exaggerate when I say that during the short span of 8 weeks, we have had more conversations about what Christ crucified and risen means in marriage, for our family, our professional career than we have had in the past three years in Germany. We are very thankful for that.”

~H-P & Maike Ritzer, CRC International Interns (Aschaffenberg, Germany)

“Being here in New Hampshire has been a very great time for both of us to see how the gospel is lived out. It’s really something that you cannot learn from books, it’s something you grasp… This lifestyle of pastor and teacher who is driven by the gospel has just been amazing and helpful for us. It starts to shape us so that when we go back home, we can serve our community.”

~Dainis & Liene Panders, CRC International Fellows (Latvia)

“CRC has built bridges across divides through its thoughtful articulation of the good news of Jesus Christ and its loving application of the gospel in its congregation and local, national, and international community.”

~Caitlin Edgar-Schuman, Dartmouth Master of Public Health 2013
and Barna Group Researcher

“Christ Redeemer Church unapologetically proclaims the good news of God’s Word. It is evident that its primary mission is to reach and disciple people as followers of Christ. CRC is more than a church. It’s home and family.”

~Dr. Catherine O. Welder, Department of Chemistry at Dartmouth College

“Christ Redeemer Church is one of the most intentionally and thoroughly gospel-centered church communities I have ever seen. I am so thankful for the way my own faith has deepened through the preaching and mutual concern at CRC. I hope and pray that CRC will continue not only to faithfully live out the gospel here in the Upper Valley, but also to send out both Dartmouth students and interns with the vision and equipping to play vital roles in churches around the world. ”

~Alasdair Groves, Director of CCEF New England and Dartmouth College alumnus

“The community at Christ Redeemer Church has taught me so much about sacrifice, love, and Gospel-driven living. It never ceases to amaze how people are so willing to invite people into their homes and lives and to be such strong supports for each other—this has been especially powerful to experience as a student. I’m also so thankful to have a place where I can ask hard questions and receive biblical, thoughtful answers in response. CRC is not afraid of the messiness of life, and for that I am so grateful.”

~Emma Sission, Dartmouth 2017 and CRC Student Intern

“When I think of CRC, I think of a place where classical Christianity is both taught and lived. I can always bring my non-Christians friends and know they are going to hear a compelling presentation of the gospel…I am so unspeakably thankful to God for putting CRC in my life!”

~Josh Alexakos, Dartmouth 2017 and CRC Student Intern

“CRC is a true gem in the Upper Valley. As a campus minister at Dartmouth, I am convinced that the students aren’t aware of how good they have it with a Word-centered church so near to campus. CRC offers solid biblical teaching, tangible opportunities for serving the body, and many examples of faithfulness through the lives and stories of its members. CRC exists to proclaim that the Kingdom of God is now at hand. Its message of Jesus as King penetrates both its intellectual community as well as the newcomer alike. CRC believes it is the message of the Gospel that molds and transforms even the most destitute of hearts.”

~Zachary Albanese, Director of Christian Union at Dartmouth College

“The message of Christ is simple, but also very, very hard: love God and love your neighbor. Christ Redeemer Church is all about making this message understandable. Our ability to love God and to love our neighbors cannot be manufactured from our own resources. It is not dependent on our circumstances. It is possible only because God first loved us. Once we grasp that notion of grace, true love becomes possible. I’ve grown immensely in my understanding of this reality due to the faithfulness of CRC in preaching the good news of God.”

~Dr. Lindsay Whaley, professor of Linguistics and Classics,
Associate Dean (2006-2011) and Vice Provost (2011-2014) at Dartmouth College