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Greensboro Road Project

Valley News Article

From an email Pastor Don sent a few weeks ago: In case you missed it, CRC had another front-page article in the Valley News recently (the fourth or so in the past couple of years, all quite positive!).  You can find the article here.. With the Hanover Planning Board meeting scheduled (details on the events

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Greensboro Road Project, Meetings

December Congregational Meeting Review

On Monday, we had another great congregational meeting.  Many thanks to all who attended, asked questions, and gave input! At the close of this fall informational meeting series, our hope is that you’ve had the opportunity to hear comprehensively on the context, vision and planning process for this proposed building project. To those of you who were unable to attend, please feel free to contact any Elder or Building Committee member to hear more and share your thoughts and questions. Our doors are always open!!!

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