About CRC

Christ Redeemer Church (CRC) began almost two decades ago and is now a group of over 300 people from many different walks of life. We are young and old, married and single, white collar and blue collar, academic-types and non-academic types, students and families, believers and skeptics, lifelong Upper Valley residents and those “just passing through.” What unites us is our mutual interest in understanding Jesus Christ, so that we might know God and fulfill our purpose in His world.

CRC believes that the main subject of the Bible, the Gospel of Christ, is God’s message for all people. The Gospel teaches that though God made us in His image, all people have rebelled against Him and are therefore under His just judgment. Sadly, no one is able to rescue himself from this helpless and dangerous state. However, the good news is that through the mercy of God, Jesus took upon Himself our punishment as rebels. Therefore He is able, justly, to restore to God all those who entrust their lives to Him. The Church is the community of people whom God is restoring to Himself, and so ought to be marked by truth, love and good deeds.

For the last 18 years, Christ Redeemer Church has gathered for Sunday worship at Hanover High School in Hanover, New Hampshire. More information about Christ Redeemer Church’s worship service and events, and the church plants in New London and Quechee can be found on their respective websites.