Multiplication: The 4Rs

Training and Sending

Christ Redeemer Church is not just a church for itself but a church for other churches—something we believe the Bible says every church should strive to be. Churches are supposed to help and plant other churches. To this end, we have clarified our training and sending vision to these four elements (The 4Rs): reproducing new and revitalizing dead or dying congregations, resourcing existing churches and providing residency training to future pastors. Here’s what this looks like today…

Several years ago, the leadership of Christ Redeemer Church recognized that a growing contingent of people attending in Hanover was coming all the way from the Sunapee region. In 2014, after a season of prayer and vision formation meetings, we began holding weekly public worship services in Sunapee. Now, Christ Restoration Church of New London, NH has become a growing and vibrant congregation under the leadership of Christ Redeemer Church in Hanover. Our desire is to nurture Christ Restoration Church into an independent outpost of the gospel to the Sunapee Region.

Faced with declining attendance and financial hardship, Quechee Community Church had to close its doors after nearly 200 years of ministry. Their beautiful 1870s church was a central part of the village, and they longed for its legacy of Christian ministry to continue. In 2016, members of QCC approached CRC with the possibility of purchasing the building and revitalizing the church. CRC took up the challenge and is now bringing this historic church back to life. We have begun regular worship services at The Quechee Church and our long-term goal is to bring in a pastor who is committed to preaching the gospel and to serving the community.

CRC is committed to strengthening other churches in the broader region. On any given Sunday, leaders from CRC can be found preaching in multiple locations as we regularly supply about 10 smaller churches in Vermont and New Hampshire with substitute preachers. In addition, our preaching team has opened their regular times of sermon review and instruction to other ministers in the area. This strengthens existing churches and provides mutual encouragement to all involved.

Developing leaders is central to our vision of being a multiplying church. Like medical residency training, our Pastoral Residency and Internship programs immerse aspiring ministers and leaders in on-the-job training in our missional church context, under the leadership of an experienced mentor. As they are trained and developed, they are sent out to our various revitalizing, resourcing and church planting opportunities. In addition, through our International Fellows program we welcome leaders from overseas contexts into a similar full immersion training experience.