Greensboro Road Project, Meetings

December Congregational Meeting Review

On Monday, we had another great congregational meeting.  Many thanks to all who attended, asked questions, and gave input! At the close of this fall informational meeting series, our hope is that you’ve had the opportunity to hear comprehensively on the context, vision and planning process for this proposed building project. To those of you who were unable to attend, please feel free to contact any Elder or Building Committee member to hear more and share your thoughts and questions. Our doors are always open!!! Or, you can go submit a question here.

We will come to a point in a couple of months where major changes to design will be increasingly difficult and more costly. So, now is the best time to share your feedback on the broader layout and design concepts discussed in these meetings.

A couple highlights from last night:

First, Don reminded us of:

1) The exciting message of the gospel (the Power), the centerpiece of what CRC has been about since the beginning.

2) The work God has done and is doing in our midst  (the Proven Method), developing local transformational communities, starting in Hanover/Lebanon and then New London, Quechee, and beyond.

3) The uniqueness of our community, the Upper Valley (the Place).

4) And finally, the benefit of having a permanent place to serve our community all the more for many years to come (the Permanent Presence).

Second, Eric Bish (Deacon & Building Committee member) walked through how we arrived at the present interior floor plan while considering Feel, Function, and Flow. Feel speaks to the character of who we are at CRC— how our personality is communicated by our design. Function addresses our current and future needs. Flow is how all of the spaces interact with one another.

Finally, we heard many questions and suggestions from those in attendance.  Thank you!